Monday, December 17, 2007

Go figure

Purchases by Te Papa in the 2006-2007 financial year.

14 The number of paintings purchased
78 Percentage that are figurative
78 Percentage painted by men
84 Percentage painted before 1990
64 Percentage painted before 1970
15 Percentage painted in the 21st Century

1 The number of International works purchased
1 The number painted by expatriate New Zealanders


10 The number of prints purchased
10 The number of prints by Marian Maguire

Works on paper
13 The number of works on paper purchased
13 The number produced by men
2 The number of men involved

3 The number of drawings purchased
1 The number produced by men
1 The number of men involved
Sculpture and decorative forms
28 The number of sculptures and decorative forms purchased
60 The percentage that are items of jewelry

162 The number of photographs taken in to the collection
11 The number produced by women
131 The number produced by one photographer
63 Percentage of total donated by a single photographer

Image: Random numbers