Thursday, March 29, 2007

Need to know

This was going to be another competition, with table tennis balls at stake. The challenge: When TheNewDowse, in Lower Hutt, wanted readers of their web site to get to know the artists on exhibition “a little better”, what 15 questions did they send them? But, in the end, we decided no one could come even close. So here they are.

1 How would your mother describe you?
2 What's your principal defect?
3 If you were a cooked meal what would you be?
4 What's your favourite foreign word? Why?
5 Who's your favourite fictional hero? Why?
6 What do you have at your bedside table?
7 Finish this sentence - New Zealand is a land with too few...
8 Have you ever cried at the hairdresser? Year? Cut?
9 Describe your creative side?
10 How do you overcome a creative block?
11 Do you have a muse?
12 What's the last exhibition that really made an impression on you?
13 When do you feel most inspired?
14 Describe a fashion trend/new age fad that you have fallen victim to?
15 What's a question that you would you like to be asked?
List supplied: as sent be email to artists by TheNewDowse.