Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Found - Garth Cartwright

For those who were there, Garth Cartwright will always be the Clairmont groupie who was punched by art writer Francis Pound in Wellington. From memory, Peter McLeavey was on the spot, so he’s probably the best person to ask if you need details (don’t bother Francis with it). Garth, reaching for the third person, has described the time in his biographical notes. “Initially beginning with scribbles on Auckland punk and reggae bands as a teenager in the early 1980s, Garth developed into one of New Zealand’s most outspoken writers on visual arts, music, sport and all things multicultural.” He also mentions that, “Garth…trained as a boxer ('I sparred with David Tua who went on to unsuccessfully challenge Lennox Lewis for the heavyweight title.)” Certainly, no one at the time thought it was a fair fight.

Since leaving New Zealand in 1986 he has been a working music journalist based in London. His book Princes Amongst Men: Journeys with Gypsy Musicians was published in 2005 and, to bring things right up to date, he wrote an article for the Listener a couple of weeks ago. Garth “lives alone in a Peckham council flat. He has no wife, no car, no pets, no children.” You can read a fuller account of his life and times here.