Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Pauline Thompson and her circle

Our ‘Where are they now?’ section begs the question, ‘Who were they then?’ Here’s one answer in two parts from a New Zealand Vogue article on the visual art scene published in 1968. Auckland, the article tells us, is “large and complex. Its centre shifts, but is mainly around the painters, sculptors, collectors and dealer galleries.” Ok, so what else has changed? “Both newspapers run regular reviews. Usually the day after an opening: Terry McNamara writes for the Herald, and Gordon H. Brown for the Star.” Right.
Pictured above: Top row left to right Michael Illingworth (with beard), Pat Hanly, Ted Smythe (with beard), Milan MrKusich, art dealers Barry Lett and Rodney Kirk Smith (with beard) Kees Hos, T J McNamara. Second rowfrom left: Pauline Thompson, Ross Ritchie, John Perry (with beard), Gordon H. Brown. Crouching and seated from left: Colin McCahon, Robert Ellis and Paul Beadle (with beard).