Friday, January 12, 2007

Fond farewell

Sadly Christmas has come to be connected with the deaths of good friends. Les Paris, Giovanni Intra and now Denis Cohn. Denis rang us earlier in December to tell us some hot news: a group of Webbs’ auction staff were leaving to form their own company. Like the best hot tips this one was confirmed three or four days later. During our conversation, Denis also mentioned in passing that he was dying and we talked over some of the funny and not so funny things that had happened over the time we had all known one another. Denis was always good for art talk and with his own delicious spin on events. He opened the gallery in 1979 and achieved what seemed impossible: exhibiting three very demanding artists (Clairmont, Fomison and Maddox) and come out of all the drama and raised temperatures with a grin on his face. Of course it was often Bill’s constancy that allowed Denis to step out further than was always safe and know it would all make for a great story later. Great memories. Thanks Denis. Cheers, Jim and Mary