Thursday, April 07, 2016


Ok, no artist owns rabbits and none own huge inflatable sculptures or rabbits as metaphors for the invasion of an environment. But you have to admit if you put all three together the person who comes to mind in New Zealand and Australia is Michael Parekowhai. This pic of inflatable rabbits installed in San Francisco by Australian artist Amanda Parer certainly hits the same trifecta. Parer has been touring her rabbits round the world for the last couple of years following in the footsteps (ok wake) of Florentijn Hofman’s large rubber ducky. Parer's rabbit installation is called Intrude but maybe she might consider giving a little credit where credit is due and rename it Ghosts of Mike P.

Images: top, Amanda Parer’s Intrude
2012 currently installed in San Fransisco. Bottom left, Michael Parekowhai Cosmo Melbourne Art Fair 2006 and right, Jim McMurtry and Cosmo at the Queensland Art Gallery 2010. (Thanks for the point A)