Thursday, June 11, 2015

Follow the yellow brick road

An NZ art museum director highlighted a piece in Variety (the Hollywood Biz paper) about how to deal with fragmenting TV audiences and reckons its got a lot to say to the art museum business. Let's see how that works out. 

The TV guy reckons:

They are facing an increasingly segmented audience:

"We're doing more with less than at any other time.” “

And they're distracted too: 
"Attention spans are so short, the instant you are not entertaining them, they are gone.”

Along with increased demands:

“In an era of declining budgets, but increasing opportunity, you've just got to do everything.”

Then, the numbers game has shifted:

“If you make a show for a certain audience, you want to make sure you get that audience." 

Meaning it's no longer good enough:
"to just pull in as many viewers as possible"

Which leaves a big challenge: 
"With niche audiences on the rise and budgets per show sinking, the challenge becomes how to create high-quality content without always having the benefit of a bottomless checkbook."