Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Could you pass me the outsource please

Curator Adrian George (he's done stuff at the Tate and other UK institutions) has produced The Curator’s Handbook for Thames & Hudson. A must-buy? Well, let’s check him out on, say… ‘Technology and new media’. It starts off well enough. ‘A curator today may need to be familiar with audio visual (AV), interactive display, new media (audio guides/ enhanced digital guides) app, QR codes and websites.' True, although the ‘may’ bit is kind of ominous. George goes on to explain, artists are using all this sort of stuff along with multiple video projections, kinetic sculptures, robotics or even reaching back to old technology like fax, 8mm film or audio tape. His advice? ‘Best to seek the advice of an audio-visual installation specialist.’ Got it.