Monday, January 28, 2013

Back to the future

If you want to look at art for the next while, don't go to Te Papa. The fifth floor will be all but closed for 60 days while they install what they claim will be a ‘dynamic’ way of exhibiting art that is to open end March. 

This will be Te Papa’s opening act of the implementation of its recently adopted vision: Changing Hearts, Changing Minds, Changing Lives. Running parallel of course is hiring new people to set this new course. 

The first two have been appointed: Associate Director Museum of the Future and Associate Director for Museum of Living Culture. So where do you go to get change agents with the fresh new ideas? 

The new Associate Director for Museum for the Future Karen Mason comes from the Auckland Museum. She worked for the National Art Gallery back in the 1980s and was Exhibition Concept Developer and Creative Director at Te Papa. 

Associate Director Museum of Living Cultures  is Tracy Puklowski who is from Wellington’s Turnbull Library. She previously worked at Te Papa as head of the Art and Visual Culture.

LATER: Oh, and apparently they are going to action the new focused by splitting in two