Thursday, January 24, 2013

"All I'm asking you for when you walk out the door is to be my baby, baby"

Babies are big in sculpture, especially if you are Marc Quinn. The YBA has just installed his floating baby in Singapore and for anyone who dreams of having an über infant floating above them, that’s the place to be. And in NZ we’re not dropping behind on the big baby boom. Christchurch of course had Ron Mueck’s Big Baby front and centre in their crowd-pulling exhibition. In fact Mueck has done a range of baby sculptures but, you will be pleased to hear, Christchurch scored the biggest one. So here’s a range of what’s around if you’ve a mind to do the big baby tour anytime soon.
Images: the Marc Quinn baby that has been recently installed in Singapore, random giant red baby, Nina Levy’s baby sculpture at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, Burning Man baby on the way home, Tank baby somewhere in China, big bronze babies by David Černý in Prague, Max Streicher, blow-up babies in Canada, Ron Mueck’s Big baby and big talking Big Baby in Spain