Thursday, September 22, 2011

Never say never

Six months or so ago we visited Don Driver who is now 81 and not as agile as he used to be. On that occasion we were able to help him finish a collage by adding a small bit of colour (on his very, very precise instructions) to the left hand side of a gorilla’s face. 

Hearing Don was not too well we went up again last weekend and there was more to be done. The lower section had been niggling at him and he wanted to replace the brown shapes in the bottom middle of the work. He had offered to sacrifice one of his own red shirts for the job, but his wife Joyce had come up with an orangey sheet of plastic from the studio. We got the job of cutting the pieces to size and Chris (Don’s son-in-law) hot glued them in place. And the artist? He just leant back in his chair and smiled the smile of a Don.

Images: Top left to right, the work in March, the first addition and far right the latest additions pinned ready for gluing. Bottom, Chris hot glues the additions.