Friday, September 09, 2011

Mag lights

As magazines fight for eyeballs on the news stands, more and more often artists are being enlisted to create dynamic images that will prove irresistible to readers. Jeff Koons is the latest in this long line. He has come up with a Twiggy-meets-Botticelli's-Venus lookalike in his recent photo shoot for Harper's Bazaar. Other artists who have been inducted into the mag world include Hirst, Schnabel, Kruger, Murakami and (back in the day) Warhol, Lichtenstein, and Dali. More on the Koons shoot here.
Images: Top to bottom in pairs: Koons for Harper's Bazaar, Hirst for Garage and Schnabel for Tar, Murakami for a Japanese mag with a name we can't read and Kruger for New York Magazine, Lichtenstein for Newsweek and Warhol for Time Magazine, Dali for Vogue. (Click image to enlarge)