Thursday, July 07, 2011

Prints Charming

We were updating on the art editions available from various galleries and became fascinated by the number and value of Dick Frizzell prints in the editions section of Gow Langsford’s site. No-one has so effortlessly straddled the high and popular art worlds with such finesse as Dick Frizzell and nothing illustrates it better than the GL site. It looks as if all the Frizzell prints currently for sale (plus a few sold out editions) are there in editions between 60 and 100. That means if the full editions of the 45 prints on offer from the last ten or so years were sold, they'd bring in just under four and a half million dollars.

Given Frizzell's huge success in the art print business his print set for the Rugby World Cup feels strangely out of touch with his market. It seems too obvious, we'd have thought, for the art market and too weird for the sports folk. But, who knows. The RWC prints are also on sale at the Gow Langsford site and, if the 300 limited edition boxed sets do go out the door, they'll rack up $1.8 million plus. Just counting.