Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Just when art dealers thought it was safe to get back in their galleries for the tough year ahead, the limping impala of news journalism – TV3’s 60 Minutes – attempts to spring a fast one on them.

“Dear Gallery Owner,” writes ace reporter Amanda Millar, “TV3's '60 Minutes' programme is canvassing gallery owners throughout the country to seek their opinion about the work of an artist we're featuring in a story.” Fair enough. Art dealers know about art, why not. Amanda continues, “We want to to (sic) know whether you rate it or not and if you would be prepared to exhibit the work in your gallery?” And then, “I know this is mysterious but that's all part of it.” Amanda subtly concludes. CLUNK. Yes, it’s a leaden attempt to make idiots out of the art world (again). This time it’s the good old and-what-would-you-say-if-we-told-you- it-was-painted-by-an-earthworm? story.

Regular readers will also recognise it from OTN’s post a month ago. To think that at the time we gave the Dominion Post stick for the story three months after the event was reported by The Age in Australia. You can read about two year old Aelita’s painting here.
Image: Freddy Linsky another two year old painter TV3 might like to do a story on.