Friday, January 09, 2009

A game of pool

In 1998 we spent some time in Wellington’s James Smith’s car park. The reason for this car park fever was a number of installations that were produced under the series title The Concrete Deal. Jim Spiers did one, so did Joyce Campbell and Saskia Leek too. The Concrete Deal experience came to mind when we saw Daddy Daddy, Maurizio Cattelan’s contribution, to the Theanyspacewhatever exhibition at the Guggenheim. Daniel Malone, who had seen a cheeky visual connection between the Guggenheim and the spiralling car park (in fact Lloyd Wright did design a Guggenheim-like structure for the Gordon Strong Automobile Objective for the summit of Sugar Loaf Mountain “that would "serve as an objective for short motor trips”) reproduced the famous pool in the foyer of the Guggenheim and located it in a similar relationship to the car park ramps. It was funny and smart. Later Daniel sent us a series of postcards featuring the Guggenheim Museum with instructions to place them together to create a Rorschach-like version of this iconic form.
Images: Maurizio Cattelan’s Daddy Daddy 2008