Friday, October 23, 2015

White noise

Anyone who knows OTN knows we're suckers for a CEO sitting in front of an artwork. OK this one is a Vice Chancellor but, as we say in the in the fact-checking hell that is blog land, same difference. Anyway, Victoria University’s VC Professor Grant Guilford unintentionally (or, more brilliantly, intentionally) showcased a fine painting from the University's collection and at the same time sent a subliminal message to viewers during a recent TV interview. Victoria students were being criticised for what neighbors living near halls of residence claim is extreme (read obnoxious) alcohol-inspired behavior. The VC thought the university authorities were doing all they could and the complainers should probably chill out. 'It’s often kids just having fun….' To reinforce his key message he sat himself down in front of Colin McCahon’s 1968 painting Landscape with waterfall  that reads in part Dona Nobis Pacem. Grant us peace.