Friday, August 01, 2014

House rules

The NZ Herald - always keen to support Auckland's visual culture where it can - has set up a DIY sculpture competition. This is so Aucklanders can submit their own designs for something to replace the proposed Michael Parekowhai sculpture at the end of Queens wharf. It’s a tactic that the Herald might extend into other areas. What about ways the city might be policed or how to make particularly difficult brain operations easier or even some creative input into designing sewage systems for new housing developments? The NZ Herald is helping readers understand that most expertise is over rated and that practically any item of art purchased with public money is bound to be suspect. You can submit ideas for how the editorial policy of the NZ Herald could be transformed to make it a great daily newspaper here.

COMMENT: John Johnston 01-08-14 They must have controversy envy, after seeing the current Fairfax-spurred controversy about the Sydney public sculptures.