Wednesday, July 09, 2014

You say studio, I say studio

While in Berlin we got to visit Judy Millar and Ruth Buchanan’s studios. Even in this time of ‘post studio’ production, artists still need a place to put their computers, make phone calls, build models of gallery spaces, work up drawings and ideas and store stuff. This all takes up a lot of space ad in this context Ruth's studio was more like one from the seventies when expansive work spaces were virtually unknown for artists. Judy Millar, on the other hand, works in a large warehouse-like space even though she outsources many of her processes. Anyway, you can find them both on OTNSTUDIO along with some photos we took in Campbell Patterson’s Auckland studio (well in fairness the space he had commandeered in the living room he shared with flat mates) back in 2007. There are also more shots of Peter Robinson’s studio, this time from 2010.