Thursday, January 05, 2012

Reality check

Our man (if we can own Len Lye and Bill Culbert we can sure as hell put our dibs on Young Sun Han) has finally crashed out of the American reality TV show Work of Art. OK this is a spoiler but it is such a dog of a show you shouldn’t be thinking of watching it in the first place. 

In fact YSH was odds on favourite to be the ultimate winner and in the last round was one of three in the final art-off for the $US100,000 prize. Still, he has made a decent sum in part prizes and will be well pleased with his effort. Panel member, NY art critic Jerry Saltz had this to say, “Young should move to New York, find a dive in Bushwick, have his New York nervous breakdown, and join a promising next wave of talented people."
Image: Young Sun Han prepares his final exhibition