Saturday, October 08, 2011


When the McCahon House Trust went about refurbishing the Titirangi home of Colin McCahon of the 1950s, a special colour palette was developed by the New Zealand paint company Aalto. The colours were matched to paint scrapings taken from the exterior and interior surfaces of the house. A muted range of browns, greens and blues was launched. 

Years later OTN is delighted to present a new range of colours based on McCahon’s work of the 1970s and 1980s. This scheme was devised after a close examination of McCahon’s late paintings and has resulted in a highly focussed range that we are confident will, in the spirit of McCahon himself, both delight and enrage. 

As with the Aalto colour range each OTN shade is individually named; Visible White and Mystery Black

Caution: Attempts to duplicate OTN colours by eye or by electronic means may give the illusion of a match but on the walls the resulting colours will lack the depth, subtlety and complexity of the original. Combinations of such colours will not 'work' in a colour scheme.

Images: Left Aalto McCahon French Bay House Palette, right the new OTN McCahon Late Paintings Palette