Thursday, September 01, 2011

Label Land

A new series that looks at museum labels: what they say, don’t say and would like to have said if only they could.

Listed below are descriptions of artists taken off a bunch of labels at a group show. The challenge is to attach the correct label to each of the artists. Off you go, answers below.

a) “Key artist of his generation”
b) “Highly regarded artist”
c) “Self taught artist”
d) “Well known and much admired artist and teacher”
e) “Key artist to have emerged in the nineties”
f) “No longer active”
g) “A vital force in the history of New Zealand art”

1) W.D. Hammond
2) Shane Cotton
3) Julian Dashper
4) L. Budd
5) Ralph Hotere
6) Robert McLeod
7) Jeffrey Harris