Friday, May 06, 2011


If you’re after an occult guide to the art works and architecture of Wellington, head over to Sovereign Mind. Here you'll find a Dan Brownesque guide to our very own Civic Centre without exclamation marks and dead bodies. Still, who'd have thought Wellington could be mapped out like a mini Washington with magic eyes, Illuminati symbols and pyramids galore? Neil Dawson’s suspended sculpture Ferns constructed from five fern shapes is featured although the link between pyramids and spheres is a touch convoluted.

Says our guide, “My first assumption was the possible feminine moon symbolism or Isis symbolism. For one it moon/ISIS are linked by silver plus the notorious relationship of the number 5 with Venus who also so happens to be Isis.... It's also interesting that the silver ball is suspended 14 meters above the ground which makes 13 meters below it. Most pyramids using the all seeing eye symbolism have 13 steps or levels below it as shown below.” Of course they do.

Dawson’s sculpture Majestic Earth on nearby Willis Street is also on the occult list as are Matt Pine's guardian sculptures on the Civic Square steps and, of course, the pyramid shapes above Capital E (you can’t even begin to imagine what might be going on down there.)
Images: Left, the great seal of the United States, right, Neil Dawson’s Ferns. And thanks for the tip W, but you really need to get out more