Thursday, March 25, 2010

To make an omelette etc.

When we first started OTN back in 2006, we spent a lot of time on Gordon Walters lookalikes. It seemed everyone was onto the Walters’ icon – building fences, decorating plates and chairs and screens with the familiar Walters’ koru. In the end we had to admit Walters’ koru had gone vernacular. Now it looks like McCahon is headed the same way. We’ve already posted on the uses (and misuses) of Luke Wood’s McCahon typeface but here’s someone else having a go at McCahonotype. Vanessa has come up with her own McCahonesque script to write out decorative recipes on blackboards. Who ever thought that one day McCahon’s handwriting (or a rough approximation of it) would make for a “great pressie for friends overseas” on TradeMe? Vanessa may even be known to some of you because she tells us in her profile that the “biggest influence with my art is my Dad who studied under McCahon and now is a well recognised and successful NZ artist”. OTN hat etc.