Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It’s a guy thing

The giant, the outdoors and artistic ambition always finds a place here (giant moose, oversized horse etc.) and so this report on mega man, the “iconic tall emblem structure” planned for the Zaabeel Technology Theme Park in Dubai. The park is already cram-packed with sculptures throwing water around, spinning and reaching high into the sky, but the latest project proposed is a way-oversized statue of a storyteller (al hakawati). Courtesy of its own elevator, this colossus of rides will allow people to travel up to its head which can move, as can its arms. This is all the result of a competition to design a statue based on al hakawati and a profession (storytelling) that goes far back into the region’s history. In a stunning mix of branding, the competition was funded by ThyssenKrupp, two names familiar to art followers and lovers of war movies. We will keep OTN readers informed should this wild idea ever make it into production.