Monday, September 28, 2009

Truth and consequences

Although they couldn’t bring themselves to mention OTN as their source (all the quotes were from the OTN post, not an interview), the DomPost picked up on our item about the City Gallery taking responsibility for the Wellington City collection giving it a full page in Saturday’s Insight section.

The responses were varied with little concern for the long-term consequences.

Councillor Ray Ahipene-Mercer, “No other council has a collection like this around New Zealand.” True.

Heather Galbraith, senior curator City Gallery, ”It’s potentially very exciting [that more people might donate works].” Probably not true.

Roger Blackley, senior lecturer Victoria University felt, having seen some of the City art collection that “it is worthy of being seen.” Kind of misses the point.(When you check out the full list of the collection here you'll find most of the items are of no real interest at all and that works like the Hotere's and McCahon are only prints).

Most outspoken was director Paula Savage who agrees with OTN that the City Art collection could prove a millstone round the City Gallery's neck.

“For the City Gallery to be really the leader it is, it’s important that it is an exhibition based gallery. Not having one [a permanent collection] has made us unique and special and gives a lot of freedom and makes us light on our feet.”

Ain’t that the truth.