Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Taken for granted

Creative New Zealand have published the Arts Grant first round for 2009.

The Arts Board allocated $329,143.00 to the visual arts. That is 11 % of the total $3,007,718 grant money distributed.

80.7% of the visual arts money went to 10 art institutions.
Four of the art institutions funded were based in Australia ($118,641) and one in The Netherlands. ($35,000)
Direct grants were made to four artists who received $63,135 an average of $15,783.00 each.
One dealer gallery received $10,000 for an artist publication.

The Arts Board also made special grants of $364,976.00. Of this 71% went to the performing arts. The sole special grant to the visual arts was $65,000 to a Craft/Object Fellowship.

Total grants allocated (not including special grants) were:
Craft $113,989
Performing Arts Festivals $194,525
Dance $240,076
Music $296,435
Visual Arts $329,143
Literature $359,972
Theatre $404,024

The average size of grant by category was: Literature $15,650, Music $17,000, Visual Arts $17,320, Craft $19,000, Dance $40,012, Theatre $40,402.