Tuesday, December 02, 2008

After birth

A strange, and let’s face it tenuous link between art and ad land, came in the mail this week. It was an invitation to the Govett-Brewster’s Summer shows that included an installation by Lee Mingwei. The name rang a bell and reminded us of the famous 1971 Pregnant Man campaign, an early creation of über art collector Charles Saatchi. Although not mentioned in the G-B material (cat got your tongue?), Mingwai is probably best known for creating a stir in 1999 when he announced he was pregnant. You can find out more here and read how Mingwei, with the help of his partner Virgil Wong, created the complicated story, complete with faux magazine covers and interviews, of Mingwei having a placenta embedded in his body so he could give birth. The artwork/hoax drew on the services of GenoChoice, a medical institute that helped prospective parents to create genetically healthy children online.
Images: Left, the Saatchi & Satchi campaign. Right, Lee Mingwai knocked up.