Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Polyglot a cracker

We’re fans of Giovanni Intra so were intrigued when earlier this year Webb’s announced a sale of his works. It followed up on the sale of three items catalogued as being by Intra in their May 2008 sale of contemporary art and modern design. We understand those pieces were purchased by two buyers for modest prices so assume there is major work left in the estate to make up the 3 November sale. Intra’s output was always surprising. Once, when we had called him a ‘bad boy intellectual’ in a catalogue, Giovanni responded, “I would prefer to be historicised as a ‘polyglot born in May ’68.’ Would you mind making that subtle alteration?” Fun for all, but a nightmare for an auction house responsible for cataloguing and determining which pieces are artworks and which better belong in an archive. More when the catalogue hits our desk.