Monday, May 12, 2008

By the numbers

1 The number of visual arts related events out of the 48 on offer at Te Papa in June.

2 The number of artists selected twice for the Walters Prize.

3 The number of times ‘ground breaking’ is used on the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery website to describe their collections.

3 The number of years Artbash has been live on the internet.

7.50 The cost in dollars for Aucklanders to see the Laurence Aberhart exhibition that was free in Dunedin and Wellington.

10 The number of key recommendations made by the Trip of a Lifetime Tour members in their delegation report.

18 The average number of positive reviews John Hurrell publishes a month on his blog eyeCONTACT.

34 The number of links under Christchurch in the Artbash Galleries links page.

75 The percentage of women directing public art galleries in the four main centers.

250 The number of Marti Friedlander photographs of models in the latest Prix-choc.

3288 The approximate number of days the longest-serving public art museum director, Paula Savage, has still to put in to equal the all-time record of 9496 days held by Bill Millbank at the Sarjeant Gallery in Wanganui.

17000 The number of US dollars a Finnish tourist was fined for chipping off the ear of an Easter Island statue as a souvenir.