Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Follow the money

The only thing that excites the media more than fakes, thefts or monkeys knocking up artworks, is art selling for high prices. Well old art that is. TV3 showed unusual interest in art at auction when John Campbell crossed live to a reporter at Webb’s to give out the price paid for a water colour of Simpson’s donkey. The painting went for a respectable $110,000 but was eclipsed by Bill Hammond’s large green bird picture that was sold for $290,000, reportedly the highest price paid for a living artist. Did the reporter change the story to reflect this now obvious shift of the market from pre 60s work to the contemporary? Not a chance. This morning newcasts all have, as Variety might put it, Bill’s big buck birds leading donkey dollars.
Images: Top the purchaser of “Simpson” and his donkey. Bottom a quick mention of the Hammond record before closing down.