Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Hidden truths

Existential game maker Pippin Barr has dipped back into the art world, this time visiting Marfa, the Texas HQ of Donald Judd’s enterprises. The game is VR2 (you can catch VR1 based on Gregor Schneider's Ur House here) explores Judd’s greatest installation 100 untitled works in mill aluminum and asks you to believe that each cube, in fact, contains an object ranging from a fountain of glowing particles to the model of a horse. How hard can it be to believe that these hidden tokens actually exist? It was a challenge for David Rudin so find out for yourself as you wander through the two halls of sculptures. As we’ve all come to believe that Judd didn’t have to actually make his work for it to be his art, surely…..

You can download VR2 or play it on your browser via Pippin's website