Thursday, August 06, 2015

The video circuit

One of the best art museums in town is on line. Circuit has been going for a while now and has built up an impressive array of video works that are there whenever you want them. You can see the full artist list here and there are some treats in among them. Start with one of our favourite pieces of NZ art the heart breaking Popular Productions’ video The story of from 1973 and keep going. Some of the other artists represented are Steve Carr with 28 videos including Burn out, Julian Dashper with a terrific range of work available, we watched Untitled (after Thomas Hart Benton) made in 2006 last night, and Marie Shannon’s typographic work from 2011 What I’m looking at is there too. Alex Monteith has one of the channels from her Red Session, Stent Rd, Taranaki, Aotearoa NZ, 29 Jan 2009 and lots of other stuff.  And yes, there’s more. For instance, we should have mentioned Joanna Paul’s Napkins and another favourite Campbell Patterson who has many works up including his 2009 video Chip Mountain. It's hilarious especially when you are in the middle of a high-end international Film Festival. Get on the Circuit, that's our advice.

Image: from Popular Productions' video The story of