Friday, July 17, 2015

Don’t play with matches

At OTN we are very careful about keeping at arm’s length from PR and attempts to manipulate sales through vague associations. So when the Christchurch band The Trancendents attempted to align the cover of their latest EP Lay Where You Collapse to a recent OTN post we sent it straight to Legal. While the issue is tied up in the courts, you can listen to The Transcendents excellent and nervy track Ed Ruscha via this video. The American artist is sampled on the track although his love (and ours too) of gas stations is given rather brutal treatment. PopLib said the EP is “somewhere between Ry Cooder’s atmospheric “Paris, Texas” soundtrack and UK post-punk song disassembly masters This Heat". That got us listening. Thanks PL and thanks to you to TT.

Image: left, OTN pic and right cover for Lay where you collapse by The Trancendents