Thursday, May 28, 2015

Stills a bargain

Photography is still cheap. Well if the latest Webb’s auction catalogue is anything to go by it is. For some reason, even at the highest level, photography prices remain low in New Zealand. This means that it is still possible to create a major photographic collection without having to reach for the oligarch strategy. At Webb’s for the price of a small Bill Hammond painting, we're talking 40 x 60 cms, birds on canvas, you could buy (based on the mid figure between the low and high estimates) all the following photographs:

Lot 5. Peter Peryer, Self portrait 1978 $4,000
Lot 7. Yvonne Todd, January $12,500
Lot 8. Theo Schoon, Unititled (mud pool) $750
Lot 10. Anne Noble, Swan $3,500
Lot 13. Laurence Aberhart, Taranaki (after glow into the night) 2002 $5,000
Lot 20. Glen Busch, Portfolio of five photographs $2,000
Lot 30. John S Daley, Untitled $500
Lot 31. Gillian Chaplin, Angela Maynard 1975 $400
Lot 34. Ben Cauchi, Flames (from a smoke filled room) 2005 $3,200
Lot 40. Ronnie van Hout, Untitled for Mephitis $2,000
Lot 43. Ans Westra, Untitled from Washday at the Pa $5,000
Lot 40. John B Turner, Kemp House Keri Keri 1975 $600
Lot 44. Murray Cammick, Untitled 1975 $300
Lot 49 John J Fields, Traffic officers and couple 1969 $750
Lot 58. George Leslie Adkin, Christmas picnic group Waitarere Beach, Horowhenua with wreck of Hydrabad c.1926 $500
Lot 60. James McDonald, Portrait of Rua Kenana Hepetipa, the Maori prophet 1969 reprint $250
Lot 62. Anne Noble, Water IV 1975 $1500
Lot 65. Peter Peryer, My parents $2,500
Lot 78. Bill Culbert, Bucket, Croagnes 2012 $4,000

And with this scheme you still have $18,500 to gather up more when you want them. Go.