Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Studio news

Here are some new photos taken in artists' studios over the last few years. Oscar Enberg was holed up in the traditional side room of the house getting work ready for the Hong Kong Art Fair when we visited him in Auckland in March. The pics of Lillian Budd’s studio go back to 2002 with the Peter Robinson pics being shot almost exactly 10 years later. The ones of Joe Sheehan a year later in 2013.

On the subject of studios we recently spotted a studio-visit book from a different artworld, the world of traditional portrait and landscape painters. Inside the artist studio comes from the editors of American Artist, a magazine promoting traditional art practice. These are the people who can draw and paint a likeness, two traditional skills that have been put on the contemporary art back burner. And what is the ideal space for a trad stud? Turns out it’s much the same as studios for artists just out of art school back in the seventies, a room at home, in these cases with significant amount of middle class cash thrown at them.

Image: Oscar Enberg