Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Broadcast news

The announcement of the new Te Papa boss by Te Papa hasn’t exactly set the media on fire. Scoop, always first, posted the Te Papa release almost at the moment the staff were hearing the news for themselves. There’s an editorial here from the Dominion Post of the might-work-might-not-work variety. The NZ Herald has ignored the whole thing, online anyway. TVNZ (who does have history with the guy) was one of the few media outlets to get some words from him. “We'll be moving away from the passive physical engagement of the past and looking to technology innovation”. On Twitter there’s only been about 20 tweets so far (mostly alpha-male hilarity) you can see a fair sample above. As for the other institutions most have re-tweeted the nice-to-have-you-on-board-Rick tweet from Te Papa.