Friday, February 10, 2012

Follow the money

Can you connect Mitt Romney, contender for the American Presidency, with the Auckland Art Gallery? That was the challenge we gave OTN readers. The response has been overwhelming. 

Some of you pointed out that Mitt is directly related to George Romney the fashionable English portraitist whose painting Lady and child is in the AAG collection. Not bad. Reader C claims the link is that they are both conservative (thanks C). The roundabout award goes to P who made the following chain of links: Mitt Romney is a Mormon, The Book of Mormon is currently the most popular musical on Broadway, the musical was written by Matt Stone and Trey Parker who also write the cartoon series South Park, Elton John once featured on South Park and he collects photographs by Laurence Aberhart, the AAG holds works by Aberhart in its collection. An excellent effort but the winner is reader H who notes that the largest contributor to the Mitt Romney Presidential race war chest is Julian Robertson at $US1 million, the same Robertson who has donated even more generously to the AAG. Nice one.
Images: Top Mitt, George and The Book of Mormon (book version). Middle, The Book of Mormon (musical version), Trey and Matt (writers South Park) and Cartman (resident South Park), Bottom, Elton, Laurence and Julian Robertson.