Monday, September 27, 2010

The hole story

In case you thought our arts funding body was alone in its headlong charge to fund organisations over individuals (fewer cheques to sign to more grateful nicely-dressed people), this chart shows you the Australians are using the same utensils to cut up the pie. The big difference is that Australia does not try to disguise its obsession with the performing arts and includes all its orchestra and ballet funding as part of the Australia Council pot. 

In New Zealand, of course, the two funding sink-holes of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and the Royal New Zealand Ballet are funded separately by Government through the Ministry for Culture and Heritage. CNZ’s recurrent funding of organizations shells out $15.5 million to performing arts and 1.3 million to the visual arts and, funding from it’s last contestable funding round for the visual arts (both arts investment and sector investment), all went to organisations.

The chart comes from Marcus Westbury’s my life. on the internets. Click to enlarge.