Friday, August 27, 2010

Data show

Long-time readers of OTN will know that we have been crusading for nearly three years to get the McCahon database corrected and upgraded. Poking around the Te Papa press release site we found to our astonishment that the job is now done. Why they didn’t let us - and via us the 1,005 of you currently reading OTN - know is anybody's guess. Anyway, credit where credit is due: the new site is a huge advance on the original. Easy to search, all the errors we pointed out have been fixed and the details from the catalogue written and organised by Dutch art historian Marja Bloem and Australian art dealer Martin Browne have been added. The biography, chronology and exhibition lists from the Browne Bloem publication are also included. One other change we noticed is there is no longer any Te Papa branding on the site and the McCahon Trust appears to have taken over future additions. You can access the revamped McCahon database here.