Friday, September 18, 2009

Found: Robert Jesson

OK, we didn’t actually find him, but the OTN post on his re-mashed sculpture smoked him out.

Robert Jesson. One day he wasn’t there and the next he was everywhere. It turned out he had gone to the UK to get his art ed. and then, via Closet Gallery and Denis Cohen ended up at McLeavey and Crockford. Te Papa has a sculpture, Auckland Art Gallery has three (1984, 1985 and 1986).

And then he'd gone to Australia, which at the time was equivalent to setting up shop in the Sahara. More recently Robert Jesson - following the maxim “fuck art, let's travel”- is in the fifth year of cruising the world in a yacht with his wife. If you want to catch up with them they are “currently in Japan. Next stop Philippines, Borneo and Malaysia.” As to the rejigged Starfish, “I'm not in the least bothered by what they did with the Starfish, that reflects their bad taste not mine, and as far as I'm concerned, once it's sold, it's pretty much forgotten.”