Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cave art

At the last Scape in Christchurch in 2008, Callum Morton installed a giant boulder in a disused shop and called it Monument #19: Sexy Beast. The work gained special resonance when we were bussed out to a large privately-owned cave for Scape’s opening party. More than one person (Callum Morton included) noted that being in the cave was like being inside the rock-in-a-shop installation. Now that thought has taken physical form in Morton’s latest installation Grotto. It was commissioned by Fundament Foundation, Tilburg in the Netherlands and as in Monument #19: Sexy Beast, a massive ‘rock’ is enclosed inside an architectural space. The difference is that this time you can get inside the rock and have the full cave experience.
Images: Top, Monument #19: Sexy Beast at Scape. Bottom, Grotto, 2009 (Pics from the roslynoxley9 web site - thanks for that.)