Saturday, September 20, 2008

Moving along

We’ll be at Scape in Christchurch this weekend. At last year’s Scape we saw Martin Creed’s brilliant garden installation and of course went to watch his band perform. Since then Creed has been busy, most recently with his Work No. 850 in which people run through Tate Britain for the duration of the installation. Creed has even produced a nifty flip-book which shows a runner sprinting past a Henry Moore from the Tate’s permanent collection.

We were reminded of Creed’s runners at the Sydney Biennale. In the MCA photographs recording Chris Burden performances from the seventies included his Bicycle Piece. Here is Burden’s description of the work, “ A black serpentine path one foot wide was placed on the gallery floor connecting the front and rear entrances of the gallery. During gallery hours, I continuously rode a ten-speed bicycle through the front entrance, along the path, out and around the building and back through the front door.

Images: Left. Chris Burden Bicycle Piece 1971. Right, Martin Creed flip book of Work No 850