Friday, June 24, 2011

Heigh ho, heigh ho

The collection at the MMK in Frankfurt sure keeps the staff busy. Apart from turning on the many videos, projectors, lights etc. there are a number of tasks specific to the works it currently has on display in its 20th anniversary exhibition.
  • Changing the candle for the video installation One candle by Nam June Paik
  • Ordering a new arrangement of fresh flowers in muted tones for a large floral arrangement work by Jeroen de Rijke and Willem de Rooij
  • Keeping track of the location of the Odradek, an enigmatic object associated with a Jeff Wall light box work based on the Kafka story The Cares of a Family Man
  • Showing a pearl to selected visitors as part of a performance piece Two shells by Massimo Bartolini
  • Organising someone to lie down in Gregor Schneider’s installation N. Schmidt.
  • Replenishing the customised pencils in Siah Armajani's Sacco & Vanzettil-Lesenraum
  • Arranging a dancer to perform on Sturtevant’s version of Felix Gonzalez-Torres's work “Untitled” (Go-Go Dancing Platform) 
  • Replacing the lemon on the Joseph Beuys edition Capri Battery
Image: A body intrudes into the space in Gregor Schneider’s installation N. Schmidt. Real or mannequin? Only the curators know.